Partners and Friends
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Cochlear Europe
German Cochlear Implant Society
Die Schnecke (‘The Snail’) – independent journal specializing in cochlear implantation, hearing impairment, deafness, hearing aids and supporting hearing devices in German-speaking European countries
The Ear Foundation
European Association of Cochlear Implant users
Hearing aids company KIND GmbH & Co. KG
Path GmbH – software for hearing screening and tracking of babies and small children,,
Phonak AG
“Ich möchte hören” (‘I want to hear’) – initiative for overcoming hearing impairment and deafness
Planet of sounds
Planet of Sounds – Armenian charity foundation
Divo tomsk
Tomsk regional public society ‘Making higher education accessible for the handicapped’
Cochlear implant online – website of Rachel Chaikof, devoted to cochlear implantation and containing recipient stories
Hear and Say center for children who are deaf or hearing-impaired and their families
Leongard center for education an sociocultural rehabilitation of deaf and hearing-impaired children
Saint Petersburg Early Intervention Institute
Getting together we create a new world of opportunities for kids with hearing loss.


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