Here we will publish brochures, books and guidelines to support parents, teachers of the deaf, SLPs, pedagogues and other experts working with hearing-impaired children, on the way to successful (re-)habilitation.

Title Type of material Author/Source Availability
HICEN lectures For therapists and other experts working with hearing impaired children, as well as for the childrens‘ parents, leading European experts have developed 21 modules. 9 of these (so-called “HICEN” lectures) deal with the pre-school period. Various/Lehnhardt Foundation Link 1
Link 2
QESWHIC lectures A further 12 modules dealing with development of hearing-age children, supported by the European Union (EU) as one of the COMENIUS actions within the framework of the SOKRATES programme. Various/Lehnhardt Foundation and other institutions Link
Integrated Scales of Development Brochure that contains a description of key speech and listening skills to be acquired by a child by a certain age; a tracking form and some guidelines. Viktorija McDonell/Cochlear PDF
Cochlear Nucleus reliability report Brochure detailing the reliability data for the CI24RE, CI24R, CI24M, CI22M, and CI500 implants as of February 2013 Cochlear PDF
FAQ about the Aqua Accessory Answers to frequently asked questions about Cochlear’s new Aqua Accessory Cochlear PDF
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