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  1. Anatolii Hiriavenko says:

    Acquisitions cochlear implant for our baby. Hello!
    My name is Tetiana Hiriavenko. I was born at 11/08/1981 g.r.I call to you from – the extremely difficult circumstances that my family can overcome not by ourself. I am a mother of three young children (son Daniil- 9 years old, the daughter of Daria – 7 years and the smallest Kirill – 1 year) .We live in Ukraine, villarge Mangush, Donetsk region. I am a housewife, bringing up children. My husband, Anatolii Hiriavenko, DOB 10/25/1984, mobilized in the Ukrainian army because of the state of emergency in the East of Ukraine and passed military service in the 23 coast guard detachment of the city of Mariupol.
    29.12.2015 years we have born son Kirill.On the third day after birth, the child discovered a heart murmur. During the day the condition of the child was kritical.We were urgently sent to Kiev, where the correct diagnosis – coarctation of the aorta. On the same day, we immediately (urgently) underwent surgery on the heart than saved the life of our child. Within 3 months after the operation, we began to notice that the child does not respond to sounds. We completed the study in different clinics of Ukraine, and in “Otolaryngology Institute” of the city of Kiev, was diagnosed – a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss 4 th degree (deafness).We began to turn, number 256 under the state program on providing our child cochlear implant .But funding this state program is moving very slowly and it’s our turn may come through the year. We must not lose time for the full development of the child must be put cochlear implants as possible ranshe. One of the such implant costs is about 30 000 euros but our family, unfortunately, there are no financial savings. Therefore, I appeal to you. If you have the opportunity to help our child in the acquisition of the implant in Ukraine, or have in your country and give him a chance to hear my little boy this world, we’ll be very grateful.
    All the necessary documents, the conclusion and the account we will provide.

    Sincerely, Hiriavenko family

    Our adress: e- mail slot- 2009@ukr.net,
    slot- 2009@yandex.ru
    Skype: slot – 2011
    Tel. +380676277197,+380981110160

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